Andrew Light, Philosophy, George Mason University

Professor Andrew Light here reflects on climate as a tragedy of the commons and the role of philosophers for public policy.

Interview Questions:

  • 0:20: In what respect is climate change a tragedy of the commons?
  • 1:09: Is the tragedy of the commons mostly about collective harms, or is there something more to it?
  • 2:51: So does the tragedy rest with the fact that we’re subverting our own ends, or that we’re destroying something of great value?
  • 3:58: In terms of international negotiations, is there any sense to be made of the claim that there is another tragedy of the commons in play?
  • 7:51: What is the value of public policy to academic philosophy and ethics?
  • 11:15: Why should policy makers care about philosophy or ethics?
  • 13:52: In the past you’ve discussed moral triage. What do you mean by this?