The Shifting Frontier is a series of twelve short video episodes aimed to highlight the scientific, policy, and human dimensions of regionally important environmental issues, each with a connection to climate change. 

 By introducing ethical questions through relevant scenarios and concrete cases, including the testimony of stakeholders and visual illustrations of the scientific and philosophical factors in play, students and others will hopefully be drawn into deliberative engagement with instructors and classmates.

Table of Contents/Episode List: 

  1. Introduction (3 minutes)
  2. Change and Norms: The Ski Industry
  3. Climate mitigation and the Problem of Value: Energy
  4. Colorado River and the True Tragedy of the Commons
  5. Need and Excess: Vegas
  6. Helping Others: Climate Migration
  7. Justice and Equality: Arizona Snow Bowl
  8. Helping Nature: The Plight of the Pika
  9. Our Children: Future Generations
  10. The World that Would Have Been: Non-identity and Future Generations
  11. What We Know and What We Do: Pine beetles, epistemic uncertainty, and moral indeterminacy
  12. Precaution and Risk
  13. Geoengineering and moral trespass
  14. Short synopsis overview (3 minutes)


Shooting will span the West, and include stories from Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, as well as footage from California, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.