Andrew Revkin, Pace University, NYTimes,

NY Times reporter and Pace University Professor Andrew Revkin here talks about future generations.

Interview Questions

  • 0:05: Are you doing anything to prepare your children for the future?
  • 0:50: What got you thinking differently about climate change?
  • 3:20: Distant populations are one thing, but how can we have empathy for people 100 years in the future?
  • 4:10: Is your thought that the traits-based approach to future generations will resonate more with the general public?
  • 5:43: How does this square with the “just the facts, ma’am” approach that seems to guide many in the climate community?
  • 6:55: Can you say more about the traits-based approach you advocate?
  • 8:27: Any final thoughts?