Darrel Moellendorf, Political Theory and Philosophy, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main 

Professor Darrel Moellendorf talks about the discount rate, the precautionary principle, and his recent book on climate justice.

Interview Questions:

  • 0:44: What is the discount rate and how does it relate to climate policy?
  • 4:59: That was pretty technical. Can you put it more simply?
  • 5:26: Can you give me some rudimentary arguments for the discount rate?
  • 6:00: Does this have anything to do with epistemic constraints on knowing what the future holds?
  • 6:27: Can you give us any compelling arguments against the discount rate?
  • 7:28: Economists William Nordhaus and Nicholas Stern got in a famous debate about this. Can you briefly explain that debate?
  • 9:03: You’ve argued that egalitarianism should provide an alternative to the discount rate. Can you elaborate?
  • 11:20: What are the practical implications of this debate?
  • 12:30: Can you tell us a bit about your book?
  • 14:17: In your book you argue for the precautionary principle. What’s your argument?
  • 17:47: Do you have anything else to add?