Louie Psihoyos, Filmmaker, Oceanic Preservation Society

Filmmaker Louie Psihoyos (director of The Cove) here talks about his recent film Racing Extinction and questions regarding assisted migration.

Interview Questions:

  • 0:17: You just directed a film called Racing Extinction. Can you give us an overview of that film?
  • 1:02: One issue in the film is that here are multiple threats to nature and wildlife, not just climate change. Could you talk about those?
  • 4:13: How do you keep from being overwhelmed by these problems?
  • 6:10: Suppose we get these threats under control. Should we be trying to rescue species that may not be able to live in their natural environments by bringing them to artificial environments?
  • 7:15: What about assisted relocation: should we consider relocating endangered species to new areas where they might not be capable of thriving? Is this a viable direction for conservation?
  • 8:59: If there’s no hope of doing anything other than keeping an ark, ought we to do this if we’ve already screwed up the systems so badly?
  • 10:49: Conservationists are divided on whether we should steer conservation toward charismatic megafauna or towards more traditionally underappreciated species. Where do you fall on this debate?
  • 17:00: Do you think there’s any relationship between the direct causes of extinction (like animal slaughter) and indirect causes of extinction (like climate change)?
  • 20:07: Your approach to activism is primarily through image and photography, which includes a lot of symbolism; but certainly there are other forms of more direct action too. How far can we go with activism?
  • 23:53: Anything else?